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There are many different types of trust, each established and administered with different objectives in mind. Some are driven by a wish to avoid or defer the payment of tax; some to preserve wealth from one generation to another; others are established for charitable purposes. Whatever the reason for establishing a trust, we offer the specialised advice needed to ensure that your objectives are achieved within the right trust structure.

Once a trust has been established, a twofold responsibility falls upon the trustees. They must comply with the general law relating to trustees' duties and they must administer the trust property for the benefit of the beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of the trust. They must give proper attention to their strategic decisions, investment management, record keeping, accounts, and tax returns. Mistakes can have serious consequences, both for the trust and the trustees.

We are here to offer help and guidance at every stage. Our expertise includes trusts of land, Settled Land Act settlements, personal settlements, maintenance funds and charitable trusts.

We offer a full service to settlors, trustees, and beneficiaries including:

  • Succession and estate planning

  • Tax planning

  • Formation of trusts

  • Interpretation and execution of trusts

  • Administration of trusts

  • Reorganisation of trusts

  • Appointment and retirement of trustees

  • Appointments of income and capital

  • Preparation of trust accounts

  • Completion of trust tax returns

  • Advice to trustees

  • Advice to beneficiaries

  • Winding up of trusts

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