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Refreshingly different

Most firms profess to put their clients’ interests at the heart of all they do, but sadly many have become commercial operations focussed primarily on profit. Clients are seen as sources of revenue rather than people to be helped. And having been promised a great service, many clients find that their work is delegated to junior colleagues who are have been set stretching targets for the time they must record and the fees they must bill.

We are proud to have a more old-fashioned approach.


When clients call us, we see problems to be resolved, not fees to be earned. We genuinely believe that it is inherent in a professional’s role that they must always put their client’s interests first and never their own - and that often means advising on dealing with matters in as cost effective way as possible. We are almost unique amongst firms in that we do not set our staff billing targets. The target we set is a simple one - to produce satisfied clients who will hopefully return if they need help in the future.

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