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Charitable institutions have always played an important role in English social and economic life. They cover a wide spectrum of activity: philanthropic, educational, religious... ranging from the small and parochial to the large and international.

We are used to dealing with various kinds of charities. Not only do we advise the institutions themselves but equally those involved as third parties - whether as donors, contractually or otherwise.

Our experience includes:

  • Charities involved with:

    • arts

    • churches

    • education

    • the environment

    • housing and housing associations

    • medical work

    • the relief of poverty

    • religious institutions & orders

  • Charitable trusts

  • Companies limited by guarantee

  • Charitable incorporated organisations

  • Constitutions & constitutional problems

  • Dealings with the Charity Commission

  • Donations & legacies

  • Fund raising

  • Property & property transactions

  • Tax effective giving

  • Trading activities

  • Trust corporations

Charities of course are not only involved with specific "charity" issues. They equally need to be advised on more general legal topics that affect everyone - contractual and other claims, employment issues, insurance issues and much else besides.

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