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With a proud history dating back to 1695, we are one of the oldest firms in the country.  Indeed we have worked with one client continuously since 1699.


We act primarily for landowners and landed estates, trusts and charities, farmers, family businesses and private individuals. We have a reputation for providing practical, down-to-earth advice backed up by serious technical expertise.

Most firms profess to put their clients’ interests at the heart of all they do, but sadly too many have become commercial operations focussed on profit. We are proud to have a more old-fashioned approach.


We do not have targets - and when clients come to us, we see people to be helped and problems to be resolved, not fees to be earned. We genuinely believe that it is inherent in a professional’s role that they must always put their clients' interests first and never their own.


The target we do set ourselves is a simple one - to produce satisfied clients.  

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